Scott Douglas, here at a Hollywood Premiere promoting A Warm Wind. Scott is one of our 4 military/script advisors. Director Jeff London worked closely with advisors to get the facts correct. Scott was blown away when he saw the movie. SGT Scott Douglas, U.S. Army, 1 Tour Iraq.

Zac Titus stars as a U.S. Marine returning home from the Iraq War. Zac delivers one of the most remarkable performances ever seen on film. Zac worked on his character for many weeks, learning to walk, think and move as the wounded soldier he plays. We are very proud of this fine actor! 

Tickets went fast for the Lake Havasu City UltraStar Cinemas premiere! Over 400 tickets, and 2 theaters sold-out in 3 days. It was a benefit for the Blue Star Mothers of Lake Havasu. If you would like to hold a screening or fundraiser in your town, please contact us and we’ll help make it happen!