Our Wonderful Reviews!

You Got it Right!
By SGT Scott Douglas, Army Veteran, 8 Years Military, 1 Tour Iraq
‘I cannot say enough about this movie! Writer-director Jeff London got the facts right and has made a film that is certain to help so many people. As an Army veteran with 8 years of service, I am honored to be part of the production team.’

A Marines Look at ‘A Warm Wind’
By Pete Chinnici
‘I was informed of this movie by the writer (Jeff London) and had a chance to watch it and see how it stood up to military realism etc. I have seen some other reviews and their take on the movie (whether pro war/antiwar or referencing the gay characters etc), but I can also tell these are viewers who did not see the movie from a military background but just as another movie.
As far as the characters, I though Buck was a little less gung-ho than most Marines are but in this case it was a very good thing. There are many movies out there that can portray the military with this gruff and rugged characteristic but this movie didn’t need that, it was (in my eyes) meant to focus on the individual and his response to the war. While his character explained his emotions it never seemed out of touch with real claims from fellow service members or the kind of descriptors I have used to explain “over there”. His character was the “transitional character” that most of us faced when getting out of the military.
There were gay characters, there were drunk characters, and there were narcissistic characters, but I didn’t see them played out as “those” stereotypes. I saw them as what I believe they were intended to be, the average family in this day and age. You have very different people all responding in their own way to something they have no true first hand knowledge of (except Buck) and how they related to him coming home and their view on who was to blame.
I found it very refreshing to see a movie where it wasn’t all guns & bombs like most but actually showing the effects of war on a young person who may or may not have even believed what he did was right. Even through the (as some have termed it) pro-war sequence where they go over Iraq and whether it was right/wrong etc. Truth is, we as a civilization and as a nation as well do not really know all the factors to give an opinion on the overlying issue. Even having served myself I do not know how to describe Iraq because even with my boots on the ground multiple times, I did not see everything and after being back 6 years I still cannot express my feelings on the war, besides I was there and I did it. I saw a lot of myself in Buck and I think that’s why I enjoyed the movie.
Overall I believe it was a very good attempt at showing the other side of the conflict and the return process, I didn’t find it preachy, or honestly biased in either direction (there were characters on both sides of each issue) and it was a good blend of the surroundings and the individual soldier. I recommend it to any service members struggling with their identity or questions after getting out and I believe if watched with an open mind, it can be viewed as what I saw, an attempt to express the one thing nobody wants to discuss, PTSD, and the long term cost of ANY conflict on the soldiers that were there and the families that support them.’
Thank You So Much!
By Shannon Book, U.S. Marines, 10 Years Military, 2 Tours Iraq

‘I think what you are doing is awesome! I want to personally thank you all. It is hard coming home, and it seems no one gets it. You not only get it, you got it right! As a veteran with over 10 years of service, including 2 tours in Iraq, I am forever grateful!’

Military Mothers Endorse ‘A Warm Wind.’
By Kim Nier, lhcMilitaryMoms.org
Blue Star Moms President (2008-2011)

‘Absolutely Amazing! Such an important movie that supports the troops and America. This will surely help friends and family understand what goes on in the minds and hearts of our returning soldiers, and how we can help. The cast and filmmakers have done an outstanding job.’

A Truly Great Film!
By Richard Wilde
‘My plug for this film. I don’t usually promote independent films but this is truly a great film. Low key but sharp, gentle but strong, you’ll walk away different than when you sat down. I loved this film. I hope you all get to see it. This is not a “message” film but a film which inspires the heart and mind with the knowledge that plain old honesty and strength of character can dispel any doubt we may have about doing the right thing for our true friends. This film is one of the most honest portrayals of true friendship I’ve seen in a long time. Not rated, but probably PG-13. Teens should see this film as well. Adults should definitely not miss it.
PS: The musical score is beautiful. Should win an award.’

Veteran Coordinator Endorses A Warm Wind.
By Judy Lacey, Military Moms / Veterans Coordinator
‘I love this movie! I was impressed with the way Jeff presented the subject of life after war for an injured soldier. We take our soldiers for granted and don’t realize how their lives change when they come back. The lead roles are played convincingly by Zac Titus and Tyler Haines. I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on me, but I felt myself drawn into it emotionally. This is a movie that every American should see.’

A True American!
By Margaret Nyberg, Lake Havasu City Council Member
Havasu Freedom Foundation President
‘A Warm Wind’ is a movie with a message that hits on more than one subject and makes Lake Havasu proud that is was made here, and by one of our own citizens. Jeff London is a strong supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project, Blue Star Mothers, Military Moms, Havasu Freedom Foundation, and this movie shows his honest concerns and efforts to bring veteran concerns to the forefront. I look forward to his next endeavor and congratulations on a job well done.’

A Must See!
By VFW Post 1881, Cheyenne Wyoming
‘A Warm Wind recounts the travails of a veteran who returns from Iraq and his integration back into society. It is a must-see film that will be getting more screenings, as least in Cheyenne and possibly FE Warren Air Force Base.’